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Home Interior Designer: The misconception that a stylish living room necessitates a hefty budget is about to be dispelled. In this comprehensive guide

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Interior Design Cost In Pune

Wall Design Ideas that Will Transform Your Space Using Paint

Do you wonder if your room couldn’t be something more than a pile of boring walls? Get ready to truly change the look of your walls and bring your own ideas with the decorative wall paint. One of the convenient features of the paint, whether you want to inject some vibrant accents, create an individual design or make a stylish statement, the paint helps to rejuvenate any space of it.

Wall Design Ideas
Make My Interiors Director
Bhushan Dehadray


"In the blueprint of interior design, every line drawn is a conversation between functionality and beauty, echoing the essence of thoughtful living."

Interior design is our canvas, where each stroke of creativity paints the narrative of purposeful living. As a founder, I see it not just as arranging furniture but as orchestrating an immersive experience, where every corner resonates with the symphony of our vision.

Top 10 Living Room Color Combos for Budget-Friendly Makeovers in India

Revitalizing your living room with a new paint job can breathe life into your hom…

A combination of colors shown for a blog: Top 10 living room color combinations

Types of wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

In the dynamic world of interior design, the wardrobe stands as a linchpin, harmonizing practicality with style to create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. Beyond

Interior design process from Site Visit to complete Site Handover

Interior design is a multifaceted discipline that transforms spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. The

10 Inspiring Kitchen Designs That Will Elevate Your Home

Firstly, seeking to give a face-lift to your kitchen that will produce both an amazing and practical outcome?Look no further! Moreover, in the following exercise, in which we have compiled a list of 10 inspiring kitchens that will change your home’s design to a new level. 


Sofas, wardrobe and……

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Blogs and articles created for customer education and understanding ensure that our clients are well-informed about every aspect of their interior investment, empowering them to make informed decisions about our services.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting the ideal flooring for your home involves a meticulous exploration of options, transcending mere aesthetic preferences. Beyond contributing to the visual

floor design
floor design

What They Say

We consulted kiran and bhushan for our dream house makeover, they gave a quick response to us and started our work. We are delighted to work with Make my interiors. They are very professional, budget friendly and focused on time bound completion. We are very happy and satisfied with the quality and designs

Sukhada Kanadkhedkar

“Our experience with Make my interiors was really great 😃 Bhushan & Kiran make a good team…they understand customer requirements properly, give their valuable inputs wherever needed & deliver good quality of interior work!! 😊 Budget friendly, good quality ,on time delivery & highly recommended !!.”

Poornima Apte

“Best interior designs i have ever seen.. Kiran and bhushan both are really kind and professional people. Good at understanding what we actually needs and meet our expectations in fact goes beyond our expectations.”

Rukhmini Khoje

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With 10+ Years of Experience in Interior Designing and Home Building

Make My Interiors Director
Mayur Dhadray
Bhushan Dehadray

Wall Paneling Design Ideas for Your Home in 2024

Wall paneling, a timeless and versatile design element, has become increasingly popular in transforming……

geometric wall panelling
hidden door interior design ideas

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