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Welcome to Make My Interiors, Pune’s premier interior designers since 2017. Created by Bhushan Dehadray, Mayur Dehadray, and Kiran Methe, our team consists of efficient designers, a support staff, and artisans committed to realizing your dream. We care about your style and preferences which are vital elements of your lifestyle and needs. Our main goal is client satisfaction which we achieve by innovating and creating aesthetically beautiful and comfortable spaces for you.


Mr. Bhushan Dehadray

Mr. Bhushan Dehadray is well experienced in bringing practical and data  oriented approach, as he has nearly 10 years of experience in Interior design, Interior project management. He takes all the valuable decisions, which are in the best interest of the Company


Mr. Mayur Dehadray

Mr. Mayur Dehadray who is highly skilled and experienced in interior design is a key play in building the values based foundation of Make My Interiors. He keen on giving ultimate customer satisfaction and punctual project delivery. Mr. Dehadray has  a lot of experience in the field of interior design, he have worked with the known firms such as Homelane and Hometown previously.


Mrs. Kiran Methe

Kiran Methe, with a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from MGM College, Aurangabad, possesses a lifelong passion for art, architecture, and interior design. With an eye for detail, a dedication to exactness and flair, she sets out to realize thoughtful, functional yet aesthetically pleasing interiors embodying their owners personalities.

Make My Interiors Director
Make My Interiors Director


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MMI Team Building Programme

At Make My Interiors, we believe in team building and team bonding, where our Make My Interiors organizes Cricket matches, Camping trips and much more.

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Meet the dedicated individuals who drive our passion and purpose, bringing diverse talents and expertise to our dynamic team.