Interior Design Trends in Pune:
What's Hot and What's Not

Pune, being so rich in regards to interior designing, does not only preserve the traditional design, but it also welcomes the new one. Additionally, that is interior design trends. The trend of interior decor in Pune is moving towards a very fast pace. Hence, even the homeowners are becoming more adventurous in choosing decorations for their living spaces.

In this blog post, we are going to be looking at the hottest interior design trends in Pune city. Giving you a low down on what trends are not in vogue in interior design anymore.

Hot Styles in Interior Design Trends

1. Minimalism with a Twist
Environmental awareness is the foundation of the minimalist design that is now in Pune. Contrary to this belief, mine will be not bout all white spaces. Pune based interior designers are making minimalism grand with splashes evoking vivid colors, patterns and textures. Picture bold accent walls, curvy art sensations, and textured softness within minimalism as the key.
2. Sustainable Design
A more balanced approach to food consumption and the quest for a more sustainable way of life is becoming increasingly common in Pune. Nowadays, interior designers have the ability to utilize their designs in including eco-friendly materials and energy-saving solutions for their projects. Earth-friendly interior designs are not something new in Pune. From recycled furniture to energy-efficient lighting, people are going green the most that they have ever.
3. Pune's Cultural Fusion
Pune’s Unique cultural mix is in the midst of a Renaissance phase focusing on the green living principles as the prominent design philosophy. Sustainable items and energy efficient solutions have become a key concern of the interior designers. The sustainable trend has become a career mark and transformation of the environmentally friendly design practices. An electricity friendly object and an energy-efficient lighting is what made use of recycled furniture making, they became the popular feature and it now shows how Pune has come to embrace eco-friendly design amazingly.
4. Smart Homes
The Pune smart populace are adopting the trending innovation. There are a variety of smart home technologies including automated lighting, climate control, and voice-based assistants, now being utilized in interior design and brings in the tech-savvy element. Smart controls don’t just add comfort but also play important role in safety and savings.

Not Styles in Interior Design Trends

1. Overwhelming Color Schemes
The minimalist trend keeps an exuberant amount of colors at bay. The unbalanced mixing of the vibrant ones may dominate the space and cause it to look chaotic. The Pune design approach recommends the use of colors placed along a careful balance of neutrals to ensure a coordinated and awe invoking design.
2. Excessive Ornamentation
The present design philosophy of Pune has been carefully planned to be unequivocally simple and without much clutter. A room can be filled with fancy, exquisite things that would be too much and making it look like it has been decorated out of an old book. Consider the simple takes like plain or functional elements and other times carefully selected decor like accents that will just enhance the room but won’t over-do.
3. Heavy Curtains
Redundant drapes and curtains make a room look dark and old fashioned. Consequently, this doesn’t coordinate with Pune’s melody of sunny days, meaning that it should be let in. Opting for lighter and sheer curtains or shadings are better options if you want to allow the maximum amount of sunlight to shine into your living room. As a result, this will give your room a fresh and calm look.
As an epilogue, the cultural fabric of Pune is visible in the design trends of this city which is a combination of the old and the new; in addition, modern and sustainable technology is also merged here. Besides that, it is always the hottest trends that create this place and the forgotten one is not included. Therefore, that is exactly why the visual impact should be stylish and creating an image of Pune dynamic life.
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