7 Wall paneling design ideas
for bedroom

People are increasingly choosing wall panelling for bedroom design due to its aesthetic value and practical purposes. You can create interesting high points on your bedroom wall using various techniques. These techniques include traditional wood panelling and modern geometric patterns. In this blog, I will cover seven creative and inspirational wall panelling design ideas for the bedroom.

1. Classic Wood Paneling

Wall panelling design ideas has started to become a favored option for the bedroom design due to the fact that it has both aesthetic value and serves practical purposes. There exist varied techniques used in creating interesting high points on your wall in the bedroom starting from traditional wood panelling to up to date geometric patterns. Seven creative and inspirational wall panelling design ideas for bedroom will be covered in this blog.

2. Geometric Patterns

One of the most effective designs that offer a new and fashionable outlook to your bedrooms are the geometric panelling designs on the walls. By providing geometric patterns to the space, the area would look a bit more lively and more into the contemporary movement. From the options you can choose the wooden, MDF or metal door and try to unite it with the color of the room. Whatever the design; hexagons, chevrons or even intricate lattice designs, geometric panelling is quite a masterpiece that can enhance your bedroom’s aesthetics.

3. Shiplap Paneling

Among them, the most conventional and stylish types with clean lines to consider for bedrooms with a more relaxed, breezy look are Shiplap panelling. Originally, shiplap was utilized in the construction of beach houses and cabins, however, now, it has become an interior fashion statement or the perfect canvas for any interior design. It is best to incorporate white or light gray shiplap in a bedroom because they help intensify the feeling of openness and light. Shiplap is not only beautiful, but also simple to apply and to care for, which makes it somewhat cheap for those who want to give a new look to their walls.

4. Wainscoting

Wainscoting gives a revived taste of traditional styles to the walls of bedrooms besides, it looks more detailed. Such a type of wall panelling design ideas normally occupies the lower part of the wall and produces an elegant clash with the upper part of the wall. Wainscoting can be done in various ways of which some of them are raised panel, flat panel and bead board. Choosing of the height and style of the bedroom can improve the architectural appeal of the house besides providing the room with a facelift. Wainscoting also has a practical utility in that it also shields the walls from scuffs and other sorts of damage and at the same time it decorates them.

5. Textured Panels

Basically, textured panels are one of the most effective and interesting decisions for the room’s decoration, especially for the bedroom walls. Featuring MDF, PVC, and many other materials, textured panels become a center of attention at the room that actively invites the attention. Thus, textured panels can include everything starting from the barely noticeable wave patterns, and ending up with three-dimensional engravings. Apart from their aesthetic value, these panels can also help in sound isolation thus making your bedroom a quiet place to be.

6. Upholstered Panels

Up the comfort levels in your bedroom by putting up upholstered wall panels for a more luxurious feel. These panels are fabric ones and the surface of them is rather soft and cushioned that creates an accent and add practical value to the interior. For the materials, you can use velvet, linen, leather, and other choices depending on the overall design of the bedroom. The individual sections that are upholstered not only improve the visual aspect but also serve as insulation as well as sound barriers. Which gives the place a homey feel. They are indeed delightful for producing the effect of a headboard on the back part of your bed. That is how they can add luxury to your room.

7. Mirror Panels

Mirror panels are not only stylish but also extravagant. In addition, they have the ability to reflect light, making the room appear bigger. Additionally, they can be used on walls as an accent wall, further enhancing the elegance of the room. Moreover, mirror panels come in various types, including full-length and small decorative mirrors, providing flexibility in design. Lastly, aside from their aesthetic benefits, mirror panels also serve a practical purpose by making the room lighter and functioning as a mirror.


Furthermore, You can completely transform your bedroom by incorporating wall panelling design ideas. With its versatility, you have the ability to create various beautiful designs. Additionally, you can explore endless possibilities in design, whether you prefer a classic traditional style or a more modern geometric one. Some popular choices include the coastal shiplap design, traditional wainscoting, and luxurious upholstered panels. By trying out these suggestions, you can create a bedroom unique to your personal style. Ultimately, in conclusion, you can share your wall panelling projects or ask for design assistance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to achieve your dream bedroom.


What are the benefits of wall panelling in a bedroom?

Wall panelling can add aesthetic appeal, texture, and warmth to a bedroom. It also provides insulation and soundproofing, protects walls from damage, and can be customized to match various decor styles.

How do I choose the right type of wall panelling for my bedroom?

Consider your bedroom’s overall style and color scheme. Classic wood panelling suits traditional and rustic themes, while geometric patterns and mirror panels work well in modern settings. Shiplap is great for a coastal or farmhouse look, and upholstered panels add a touch of luxury.

Is wall panelling expensive?

The cost of wall panelling can vary widely depending on the material and complexity of the design. Wood and upholstered panels tend to be more expensive, while MDF and PVC panels are more budget-friendly options. Installation costs should also be considered.

Can I install wall panelling myself, or do I need a professional?

Many types of wall panelling, such as shiplap and MDF panels, can be installed by a DIY enthusiast with the right tools and skills. However, more complex designs like geometric patterns or upholstered panels may require professional installation to ensure a high-quality finish.

How do I maintain and clean wall panels in my bedroom?

Maintenance varies by material. Wood panels may need occasional re-staining or sealing, while upholstered panels should be vacuumed regularly to remove dust. Textured panels can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and mirror panels should be wiped with a glass cleaner.

How do I incorporate wall panelling with existing bedroom decor?

Choose panelling that complements your current decor style and color scheme. For example, if your bedroom has a modern theme, geometric or mirror panels can enhance the look. For a more traditional room, wainscoting or classic wood panelling might be the best fit.

Are there eco-friendly options for wall panelling?

Yes, there are eco-friendly wall panelling options available. Look for panels made from sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo, or recycled MDF. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also add a unique touch to your bedroom design.

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